Course in facial comparison

The Course in facial comparison gives you a basic knowledge of how to compare faces in order to assess whether they are the same person or different people

In the field of identification, there is a growing trend of people using other people's ID documents to travel with. These people are called either 'imposters' or 'look-alikes'.

This course provides participants with simple tools on how to best spot a person pretending to be someone other than they are. The training consists of a combination of theory and practical exercises both individual and in groups, where participants have the opportunity to test their skills in comparing different facial imgaes.

The facial comparison course is offered to employees who want training on how to assess whether an applicant is the rightful owner of the submitted ID document(s). Employees can also use this knowledge to assess similarities and differences between different images presented in cases where the applicant is not physically present.

The course introduces, among other things, a practical method for comparing different elements of the face and knowledge of the various psychological factors to be aware of when conducting facial comparison. The course includes a presentation on how aging affects the process of comparing faces and facial images as well as examples of how the quality of facial images can affect the level of complexity when performing facial comparison based on facial images.

The duration of the course is one day. Click on the link for more details Program for Basic Course in Facial Comparison.