Basic course in assessing copies of ID documents

The Basic course in assessing copies of ID documents teaches you how to make an initial assessment of copies, scans, and images of documents if the originals are not available

The course consists of theory and multiple practical exercises and teaches the participants how to handle and assess copies of ID documents in cases where the original document is not available. The course aims to introduce the participants to a range of methods that can be used when examining copies or digital scans of various ID documents.

The participants will go through copies of passports, visa stickers, ID cards residence cards, as well as civil documents such as birth certificates and marriage certificates. We also review knowledge about stamps in civil documents, among other things.

To participate in this course, it is necessary to have a basic knowledge of handling original ID documents. It is therefore a prerequisite that employees who wish to participate in the copy assessment course have already completed the Basic Course in ID Document Assessment.

The duration of the course is one day. Click on the link for more details Program for Basic Course in Assessing Copies of ID Document.