Course registration

All NIDC’s partners can register through an online platform or by contacting

How to register for NIDC’s courses

NIDC’s standardized courses are available on an online platform for all employees within the Ministry of Immigration and Integration. Often, there will be several dates for each course to choose from.

Employees from authorities outside the Ministry for Immigration and Integration can request and register for courses by contacting It is also possible to get more information about the different training offers and talk to a member of NIDC’s training team about the different options.

NIDC’s courses as part of the onboarding program

One or more courses are mandatory for new employees from some authorities within the Ministry of Immigration and Integration as part of their onboarding program. These employees will automatically be registered for the relevant courses by NIDC.

If the courses are part of your onboarding program and you will not be able to participate on the registered date, you can cancel and register on another date through the online platform. If no more dates are available, please contact for a solution.