NIDC continuously offers and develops physical classroom training

NIDC’s courses

NIDC offers different courses for employees from the centre’s partners. The physical courses is aimed at all employees handling ID documents and working with ID control.

Some courses are standardized with the same content for every course. These courses provides the participants with basic, introductory knowledge about the subject. These courses focus on methodology and not on the specific documents or other areas of expertise.

Courses in ID document assessment

The standardized courses in ID document assessment offer specific tools for recognizing signs of forged or counterfeit documents for both original documents or copies. The courses are based on a combination of theory and practice where the participants can test their skills by examining different travel documents and civilian documents with and without equipment.

Courses in facial comparison

The standardized course in facial comparison trains the participants to be better at spotting so-called look-alikes. Look-alikes, also known as imposters, are people who use other peoples ID documents to travel. The content of the course is theory and scientific knowledge of facial comparison combined with practical exercises.

Other training options

Apart from the standardized courses, the training team continuously works on developing new relevant courses for NIDC’s partners. Please contact us if you have requests for specific courses that are not included in the current range of courses.